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Images of Submission VI: Dark - Shadow Realms at Play

About Images of Submission VI: Dark

Previous Entry Images of Submission VI: Dark Jul. 6th, 2004 @ 11:11 am Next Entry
Out of the night, we come, out of the dark. From the shadowed doorways and recesses to play and scream under the moon. The shadows we live in reflect the shadows inside, the spots where we deviate from the people around us, the places where we transgress the rules. From those shadows come the desires to control or be controlled in a world that demands we be individuals in charge of ourselves. From those shadows comes the desire to hurt others and make them scream in a blend of pain and pleasure or the desire to be hurt until the pain drives us into another place, another time, where there is only feeling and where we cannot be numb. Decadence. Debauchery. Decay. The womb and tomb of our lives exists in the shadows and in the dark where we play.
Current Mood: creative
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