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Shadow Realms at Play

Drinking Deeply from the Well

Dark Leather Decadence & Fetish Community
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A Whip’s Kiss is a moderated community. Your requests for joining will be held until the moderator has a chance to look at them. Why, you might ask? The reason is simple. This is a community that welcomes open-minded discussion ranging from fetish fashion and art to the practical application of techniques, and the spirituality and psychology of the range of activity that falls under the heading of BDSM and/or Leather. In order to foster that, membership is at the moderator’s discretion.

A Whip’s Kiss was started in an attempt to foster and encourage a slightly more formalized approach to what it is that we do in all its variety and glory. Rather than settling for an “anything goes” attitude towards BDSM, our goal is to bring about a return of the belief that words have meaning, that the labels that we apply to ourselves have a core set of beliefs attached to them that we should try to follow, and that there really IS value in the idea of mentorship, training, and rules.

If in doubt as to whether or not you fit in here? Please see:


If you find yourself offended, ranting, or otherwise up in arms, you may want to be aware that it’s likely that you will stay this way if you join the community.


1. No advertisements in the community without prior approval of the moderator. These will be limited in nature to events that might be of interest and possibly other communities that our members may enjoy. Absolutely no advertisements for paid services/sites will be allowed.

2. While we don’t mind heated debates over topics, flaming the person rather than the idea will be strongly discouraged.

3. Netspeak, ‘1337 speak, and other assorted shortcuts of the written word are not allowed. Don’t do it.

4. Similarly, strange grammar designed to designate roles and “slash speak” are not allowed. Don’t do it, either. (O/our, W/we, strange random capitalization of pronouns, etc.)

5. Trolling and harassment will not be tolerated. Strong debate is not harassment.

6. It is assumed that what you are saying is your opinion, not necessarily fact. While adding YMMV (your mileage may vary), IMO (in my opinion), etc isn’t forbidden, it’s not required, either.

7. Because of the topic, members will be screened for age. If you’re under 18, you will be refused membership.

8. On topic posting includes: scene reports, examinations of the internal dynamics encountered within the BDSM and Leather communities, thoughts, musings, theories, or personal experiences. Please try to make your topics relevant to the nature of the group. This is not an exhaustive list.

9. Off topic posts include: quiz results, topics not related to BDSM in some manner, excessively cross-posted material, personal ads, advertising for other products and services. This is not an exhaustive list.

10. No personal ads. They will be deleted when read.

11. If you want to post photos, please keep them a reasonable size (30-50K at most) and put them behind cut tags.

12. Please take the time to introduce yourself to the group.

13. Cross-posting to anywhere but your own journal is strongly discouraged.

14. Playing the “I’m more Dom/sub than you”, the True X card, or any similar ploys is not allowed. Everyone here has useful things to contribute. If you can’t make your point without these ploys, don’t say anything.

15. If it comes up, it’s fair game for discussion. If you don’t want open, honest opinions about what you say, reconsider posting.

16. Poetry and fiction is allowed, but please label it as such and post it behind a cut tag, particularly if it’s lengthy.

17. Do not turn off commenting on your posts. If you don’t want comments, don’t say it.

18. Posting email addresses or other identifying information about someone is against the rules and will get you banned and your post deleted.

A Note About Online Relationships

The Internet has become a wonderful tool for keeping in touch with people who are scattered around the country or around the world. Chat programs and email have made it possible to keep in daily or hourly contact with those you’d normally only be able to speak with on rare, special occasions. It’s a useful tool for those partners that are separated by distance in order to maintain their relationship.

Having said that, it is also NOT a substitute for face-to-face knowledge and interaction with other people of like-minded interests. Being an “online dom” or “online trainer” who has no real life experience will get you some flack here if you try to promote yourself as an experienced member of the community who can teach others. While you may have valuable insight into some things, there are others that you are lacking in and you will be called on it. Swinging a virtual flogger at someone’s virtual backside does not equate to swinging a real one at a live human being. Do not make the mistake of thinking they do.

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