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Images of Submission IX: Control - Shadow Realms at Play

About Images of Submission IX: Control

Previous Entry Images of Submission IX: Control Jul. 6th, 2004 @ 11:13 am Next Entry
Control is an illusion. It’s a battle of energy and of wills where someone wins and someone loses. In losing, though, comes the freedom to slip out of the controls that daily life places on us to try to restrain who we are and force us into nice little automatons and consumers. Real control, when it’s wielded, prevents the thought from even slipping out from under it from occurring. A single word can come crashing down and bring an abrupt halt and compliance in the required direction…that is control. I give up the right to control in exchange for the freedom of being controlled, directed, pampered, and alive. I brush up against the boundaries that you’ve set, pressing lightly against your will and your desires to see if they can contain me and am content when I find that they do.
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