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Images of Submission I: Awe - Shadow Realms at Play

About Images of Submission I: Awe

Images of Submission I: Awe Jun. 28th, 2004 @ 01:53 pm Next Entry
Too many days in our lives go by without seeing or feeling something that brings us into a state of awe. We’re forgetting what that feels like. When I am with the right partner, there is a sense of wonder and amazement and gratitude all rolled into one feeling, one spot within me that makes me want to sit and stare like a child looking up at the great, vast field of stars and bask. To be able to sit and watch my partner while he sleeps or rests or goes about his day brings a sense of childlike wonder that he has picked me…perhaps just for the evening or perhaps for longer... to control, to play as his instrument, to join in the subtle dance of dominance and submission.
Current Mood: creative
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