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Images of Submission XIII: Challenge - Shadow Realms at Play

About Images of Submission XIII: Challenge

Previous Entry Images of Submission XIII: Challenge Jul. 21st, 2004 @ 10:39 am Next Entry
I am wild. I am free. I am glory and I am power. Will you enjoy that I am a challenge or will you try to break me and have your own way? Others before you have tried. Others before you have failed. In the end, I cannot be broken to saddle so easily. But a softly whispered word, a touch here or there at the right place and time…those will bring me to you far faster than any challenge to who I am ever will. I am the lightning strike and the whirlwind, fierce and wild. I will test boundaries. I will find my limits and yours. And, in the end, I will challenge myself to accept your will over mine.
Current Mood: creative
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